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Care ‘N’ Cure Homeo Clinic were established by Dr. Solasa Rama Krishna. He has generously inherited the virtues of his idealistic Homeopathic family. Dr. Solasa Rama Krishna has completed his BHMS at Dr. Gururaju Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, which is a best Homeopathic institution for imparting classical homeopathic knowledge & second oldest homeopathic college in the country.

After completing degree with high ranks and before entering into a master’s college he worked as junior doc under a reputed surgeon Dr Harikishan Malpani for 6 months and learnt basics of hospital, op, patient management which is a necessary skill for a good homeopath. Later he appeared entrance to masters (MD Homeo) in homeopathy, and joined at A.M. Shaikh Homoeopathic Medical College, Belgaum, which was then a first ISO certified college and proudly stood on top for his quality education. During his masters doc had exposure to Urology opd, cardiac ICU, worked with surgeons & ortho (bone and joint specialists) and acquired best knowledge about clinical management of acute diseases and their cure. Attended many village, rural homeo opd camps during his college as a part of the curriculum and imparted best knowledge of diseases and their management in rural side too. He identified that colleges are not providing clinical bed side and allopathic basics, so he developed in attending allopathic doctors, surgeon’s opds which was available at his master’s college.
In his brain child Care N Cure Homeo, he specializes in infertility, PCOD, menses problems, kids diseases, skin diseases, allergy, thyroid diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer etc.,
Dr. Solasa Rama Krishna is also best in dealing with occupational disorders and believes in regaining health through a lifestyle change. He has done radio awareness programs during epidemics. Dr. Solasa Rama Krishna is also an active member of IIHP, a Homeopathic association. Care ‘N’ Cure Homeo Clinic is well-equipped with an extensive pharmacy and talented staff. They have introduced corona preventive homeo medicine with their extensive experience in preventive medicine. This clinic is very well equipped with an extensive pharmacy, talented staff.
Come call us for restoring & regaining health with medicines without side effects…Only effects… Result based homeopathy… advanced integrated homeopathy, high rated & trusted results. 

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